Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Countdown to Christmas...Random Acts of Kindness Style

Ok I know I have not been a faithful blogger the last month or so. Frankly it just hasn’t been on my heart and I seriously wasn’t in the best place emotionally after my Papa’s death. But time and rest can bring about renewal, and a vacation in Colorado sure doesn’t hurt, (another blog this week). So please accept my apologies and please know that I still love this little blog and I sure hope it touches a few people!

Today I wanted to talk about what we are doing for a countdown to Christmas again this year. I continue to want to show my kiddo that Christmas is about so much more than the big guy in the red suit coming to see her. I want her to know that reason for the season and to try to live her life more Christ like. We started the Random Act of Kindness Countdown with Charlot last year, and it was quite a success. So we plan to do that again this year.

Same deal as last year each night she will open an envelope that tells her what her RAOK for the next day is then we will help her get the needed items and help her pull off the act the following day. But the decision is hers  as to when, where and who is the recipient of her RAOK. I hope to continue this tradition with her each year and grow it from there so that hopefully she will just look for opportunities throughout the year to show kindness because frankly kindness costs nothing.

We would love it more than anything if you and your families would like to join in with us please share your stories with us. Each Friday I plan to do a recap of the weeks activities so each of you can follow along. Oh and if you happen to be local and see some of her RAOK's she would love to know about them! Below are the links to last’s years ROAK. 

Please note Charlot knows all about Santa and she very hopeful he will be coming to see her. We just choose to not focus on him. Also know I have nothing against families who choose to countdown to Christmas with the Elf it just isn’t for us. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Saying goodbye...

I haven’t exactly been an awesome blogger here lately…sorry. There have been many things going on and many things requiring my attention. But today I need to share with you guys, I have sat down several times over the past few days to write this post and it never actually gets finished I just couldn’t get my thoughts together.

I have been blessed for the past 31 year to have the opportunity to have my Papa in my life.  I know it is a huge blessing because there are so many that never know their grandparents let alone have them through so much of their life. Well last Friday morning God decided that Papa was needed more in heaven than here so he was called home. As hard as this is for me, I know he is in a better place where he can watch over all of his family and make certain we are all ok. 

I really can’t fully put into words what this man meant to me, but let’s just say we had a very very special and unique relationship. Papa was so full of love that it just radiated from him; he always wanted what was best for his family and nothing more. As a child I remember him being at anything and everything my brother and I asked him to be at and as an adult I remember him being excited for each new and exciting change our family was going to have. The changes he looked forward to the most were weddings and babies, he loved each and every blessed event. 

Like I said I don’t feel that right now I can put into words what he meant to me but what I can say is his impression on me will last forever. I know these things for certain, he loved my grandma from the first moment he laid eyes on her to his last breath she was the love of his life, the hand he always held and the lady who filled his heart and home. He loved his family, he and my grandma had five kids, 8 grandkids, 3 step-grandkids, 6 great grandkids (plus one to be born any day), and two step-great grandkids, these people were his people the people who he was so so proud of. He loved the land whether it be in his younger days as a farmer or his older as a gardener he loved and respected what the land could give him if he worked for it. His heart was so big that his family didn’t just stop at blood, his heart and home were open to any and all that loved someone in his family. And lastly he was a faithful Christian, I never really heard him speak about the Lord but he was at church each and every Sunday, and I know he believed that God’s plan was so much bigger than his. 

I saw this quote today and I thought it was a perfect way to finish this about my amazing Papa, because it describes him to the tee.

“You only live once, but if you work it right…Once is enough.”

I love you Papa always have always will. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My First Color Run...

I have been wanting to do a color run for quite some time but haven't really found one I wanted to do or haven't found anyone to do one with me. Early in September a friend of mind posted about a color run in our local community that the proceeds would benefit the local hospitals mammography department. I thought it was an awesome cause and I thought it would be a fun event that Charlot and I could do together. Then I thought maybe I would ask the ladies I work with if they'd like to do it with me.

I was kind of expecting that they might just laugh at me and say nope. But as soon as I said it was for Pink Week and that the proceeds benefited the Mammography department they were all on board. Though some were a little apprehensive and made it clear they were not running and were walking at their own pace. I thought this just awesome!

The first two picture were our before and afters! I think we are a pretty good looking group. I am proud to say that we all finished and were not the last done. These ladies are absolutely the best co-workers I could ever ask for, whatever I need done or any crazy idea I come up with they are all on board.

Charlot had a ball two of her buddies from school were there as well. They ran they got sprayed with paint they rode in the strollers the hugged and played it was the perfect afternoon of fun.

The verdict is we will for sure do this run again!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cheesy Roasted Mushroom and Cauliflower Soup...

Well hello blog, hi my name is Tiffany and I occasionally forget to blog it isn't done intentionally it just happens. Blog of mine I really do love you please forgive me. Because today I have a yummy soup to introduce you to that is hearty and healthy(depending on how many chunks of bread you eat with it!) 

I love soup I could eat it all year round. But the hubs isn't quite so fond so I have to reserve my soup cooking for when the air starts to get its cooler bites to it and guess what... IT IS!!! This soup sounds a little crazy but really it is just like a broccoli cheddar soup just veggies and type of cheese swapped out. I found the recipe and switched somethings around a bit to meet my eating needs. Feel free to increase the milk reduce the stock, add some cream whatever you want to do to make your soup suit your fancy. Just give this puppy a try!

Cheesy Roasted Mushroom and Cauliflower Soup

2 small to medium sized heads of Cauliflower (Broken Down into bite sized pieces.)
16oz of Mushrooms (Quartered)
Salt and Pepper
1 Cup Diced Onion
3 TBSP Butter
3 ½ TPSP Flour
1 ½ Cup Whole Milk
4 Cups Chicken Stock
1 TSP Dried Parsley
¼ TSP Dried Dill
¼ TSP Sugar
1 ½ Cup Sharp White Cheddar Cheese
¼ Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese

Pre-Heat oven to 425 degrees. Place cauliflower and mushrooms on baking sheet, dizzle with EFOO and toss to evenly coat, then spread into an even layer and season lightly with salt and pepper. Bake in a preheated oven until golden, about 25 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside.
In a large pot melt butter over medium heat add onion and sauté until tender about 4-5 minutes. Add in flour and cook stirring constantly for a minute or two. Whisk in milk, and chicken stock. Add parsley, dill, sugar, cauliflower and mushrooms, season soup to taste with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil and stirring constantly then reduce heat to low. Grab your stick blender! And purée away! I like mine a little chunky so I didn’t go until it was smooth, you could also do this in batches in your regular blender. Turn heat off and stir in your cheeses. Serve with crusty bread! YUM!  

My Oh SO CUTE Sous Chef actually tried this soup and liked it, well she liked it as long as she had bread to dip. But hey I'll take what I can get! 
And now you know that when I have no light in my home I photograph food on my front porch, please don't judge me!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Fairs, Baseball, Farm Hands, and Food...

Do you ever find yourself looking through the camera roll on your phone and magically find photos that you one-either totally forgot that you took or two that you never did anything with (for me that means I didn't get them posted to the lovely blog. Well today is the day I get a few of these pictures on here. Now yes some of them I have posted to my Facebook account but didn't do much else with them. 

The above picture is of Charlot and one of her besties Molly at our local Fall Fair/Festival. They had an absolute ball riding rides together.

Family selfie at the Royals game last weekend yes they lost this game this night, but this weekend they managed to secure home-field advantage for the course of the play-offs. Yes this is Charlot's typical face when asked to take a picture with us.

Now I shared this on Facebook when it happened but I couldn't help but share with you! The Royals were playing the Cleveland Indians and little Miss Charlot made googlie eyes with the Indians Bat Boy all evening long. Well it paid off because this little cutie scored herself a game ball. 

Last week the hubs needed a little help a couple of nights and he couldn't get any better help...ha! Charlot and I drove the truck while he picked up square bales of hay. She loves driving, again with the faces.

Then later in the week he needed help checking fences and spotting cows, we are expert cow spotters. Now I figure if can't beat them you might as well join them! Notice the clothing differences these pictures were taken a mere two days a part. Oh Missouri weather how I love thee!

And last but certainly not least I had to share this sweet little gem, Cream Cheese Stuffed Carrot Cake! All I can say is YUM, my thighs are saying help me Seymour!