Thursday, August 25, 2016

Date with the Hubs...

I probably should have titled this date planned (hahaha) by the hubs. On Sunday afternoon we loaded up everything and headed home from the fair (Yes a state fair post or 2 will be coming). We got out to my parents got all the animals and equipment unloaded safely then stuck around for supper. After supper I heard the hubs ask Charlot if she and Conrad wanted to stay here with Grandma and Pap while momma and daddy went to check cattle. I was slightly excited for a little quite time with just the hubs even if it included cattle checking. And I know my parents love when my kiddos are present so they didn't seem to mind. Off we headed to the pasture of cattle that are not real far from my parents house. The above picture of the hubs is perfect, he is completely in his element anytime he is observing livestock. The man has a love of animals like no other.

Here are a few of the calves out of registered heifers we purchased last year, or so the hubs told me. I said they are really pretty. He said they should be their out of a million dollar bull. Say what when did we get a million dollars. The joke didn't go real far with the hubs, ok he did humor me and laugh a little.

And here's one of those calves momma's. She was pretty sweet and following my a bit to close for comfort. Like a lot to close. You have all heard my fear of cattle I'm not getting into that again.

Then there is this beauty, this is butters she is old like real old but she is still productive, notice the calf at her side. I am well aware that is the only reason she is still around as the hubs prefers black cattle. I'm a fan of her blonde hair and whiteish face, she's pretty and stands out in the crowd refusing to blend in I feel we are connected in a way. Like she is my spirit animal or possibly I just feel old as well but still like to stand out in a crowd.

Now this moment happened, this ole girl 495 loves cubes and will come and try to get them from you weather you have them or not. I didn't mind her she was sweet and not jumpy and didn't throw her head around so we got along...that was until......

Moments later after I put my life out there and let her lick my hand I nearly saw my life end! I turn and see the bull coming up out of the pasture towards us I said is that the same bull as last year (he wasn't terrible). The hubs says...oh no that's Johnnie's. Oh perfect. And in that moment he decided to jump up and head straight towards us, he was playing (the hubs words). He was establishing his dominance and I was more than glad to let me have it. I high tailed my rump out of there as the hubs is shouting running is the worst thing you can do! I didn't care it was fight or flight time and flight was my choice! I made it to the truck got in and didn't leave again until we got back to my parents. 

We walk back into my parents house and my dad says well your son has had two dirty diapers in the hour you were gone. I said lovely. The hubs says well you might want to check your daughters diaper as well! 

The reasons I love this man continue!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Last day of summer...

We are going to be working a little backwards the next few days but I want to get you guys caught up on our little life! 
On Monday we celebrated the last day of summer break for Charlot and the last day of maternity leave for me! Mr. Conrad had a doctors appointment in Columbia early on Monday morning so we headed out from home early to make that then the rest of the day was ours. 

We changed into our swim attire to go to Stephens Lake Park to enjoy the splash park area and a bit of "beach" time as well! I didn't know this little area was even there until my momma discovered it with Charlot one day this summer. It is such a nice park and the splash area is perfect for warm summer days.

Charlot played and played and played, Conrad and I sat in the water a little until he was spent and needed some relaxation time. So he slept and she played. It was a gorgeous morning at the park with a few other kiddos there but not a big crowd.

This was her one final run through before we left for lunch. She needed to go tell all the fountains see ya later. If you are looking for a fun place to head with your kiddos I would highly reccomend this park. It is open May 1-Sept 30 during day light hours, go have a ball running through the sprinklers! And the best part is it's FREE, I love a good deal after all!

We headed out for lunch to Noodles and Company, Charlot's choice. She loves their buttered noodles and carrot sticks. And we shared an order of pot stickers which she really liked as well! After lunch it was time for some retail therapy, a new outfit for the first day of school was in order.

What better way to finish out the day than a shake from Chick-fil-a!!! Oh yea and two napping children for Momma on the way home!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First day of school!!

I have so much to catch you guys up on we have had a busy few weeks and I have some amazing quotes from both Charlot and the Hubs but...for today we shall focus on this! This really happened today! She started her first day of kindergarten. She was so nervously excited she was worried that she would miss her Conrad boy (as she calls him). She picked out a new outfit, helped me fill out her sign, her swimming teacher this summer was awesome and she wants to be her now, and she was all ready to go until we pulled up to school. 
We walked in she continued to seem nervous, we spoke to Ben a boy who will be sitting at her table she was a bit shy. I was starting to worry and possibly tear up. Then this happened as we walked to the table where breakfast was happening she quitely took her seat and said hi to her friend Dani, Dani quickly exclaimed "IT'S MY FIRST DAY!!!" Charlot giggled and said "MINE TOO!" I knew she would be great!

It was also a big day in this guys world he started day care today with Miss Telpha! He was all smiles and giggles as we left him this morning!

The tongue oh I do believe Christopher is to blame for that!

Big day for all three of us! Kindergarten, Day Care and Back to Work, man do I miss them but I know this is best for all of us. Daddy had to work early this morning so a selfie was the best we could do for a picture of all of us!

Charlot you are an amazing blessing in my life and I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming. You have a kind heart and soild mind I know you are going far in the life. Always know momma and daddy love you unconditionally and will be your biggest cheerleaders always and forever. We love you punk!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Interview Time...

As we are nearing the end of summer, Charlot starts kindergarten  two weeks from today and I return to work. Oh there will be tears but it has been an amazing summer being home with my nuggets! I wanted to do an interview with Charlot before she starts kindergarten and to kind of recap summer! Note I did this prior to the state fair because I'm guessing I won't get it done during the fair! Which by the way we move pigs to on Saturday evening!

Charlot 8/6/16 (it's a long one she kept saying ask me more!)
What is your name? Charlot
How old are you? 5 (with five fingers held up)
What is your favorite TV show? Sophia, Doc Toy Hospital, Cake Wars (she's after my heart)
What is your favorite thing about school? Art Class
What is the thing you are best at? Being smart 
If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Hum well of course Maggie
What is your favorite color? Purple, pink, green
What is your favorite toy? Well I have lots but my Barbie House
When you grow up what do you want to be? I don't really want to grow up but...a swimming lessons teacher
What do you take to bed with you at night? Truman, piggie, Chloe, Mel, buddy, pops, Mel, Norman, snowball
Is there room for you in bed? Kinda but they need me
What is your favorite book? Penguin takes a Vacation
What is your favorite movie? Frozen, Angry Birds, Secret Life of Pets, Dory
What is your favorite season? Christmas...
No like summer, winter, spring, fall? Oh hum...summer you can go swimming and winter Christmas
What is your favorite food? Noodles, Pizza, Macaroni, and Shrimp Tacos
What is your favorite animal? Pigs of course
What is your favorite sport? T-ball
Who is your best friend? Maggie 
Oh it's not me? No your my momma (ok sweetheart that's enough)
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
What is your favorite thing to do with momma? Playing match cards
What is your favorite thing to do with daddy? Snuggling 
What is your favorite restaurant? The boat, you get to feed the fish (girl after her paps heart!)
What is your favorite place to go? The park
Are you going to get married? No way
If you could go anywhere where would it be? Disney 
What are you most excited about at the state fair? Showing my pigs, a funnel cake with pap, and maybe riding some rides
What has been the best thing about the summer so far? Going to Bonkers
If you had one wish what would it be? That my stuffed animals were real!!! That would be wild!
Anything else? Love you momma
Love you to baby!

I know I will treasure these interviews forever!

Her swimming lessons instructor Reagan tried to make her dreams come true! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

2 months...

Mr. Conrad is 2 months old that really possible! Oh gracious I love this little nugget. And I'm pretty certain he loves us too! Currently he is a great eater, and is sleeping through the night most nights, and is wearing 0-3 month clothes and some newborn. This picture sequence is his normal progression to give me a smile!!! Smiling and giggling at us is a great Conrad skill!
And below is his one month collage that I never got posted on here!