Thursday, January 17, 2019

Morning Madness and Mom Guilt...I need a Moment

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Today I was sitting with a coworker and she was beginning to lose her patience during lunch, I could see it and frankly I was kind of laughing at her, she knew it and expected it from me. She then says I don’t know what it is about today but my patience is running thin. I quickly reply oh heck I lost mine before I ever left my house this morning (which looking back after reading an article, I was a conservation narcissist, in that situation, more on that another time). Back to the losing the patience before leaving the house. As soon as I said it out loud today I felt sad, like deep down sad. What in the world am I doing losing my patience long before the day really starts. Why am I starting my day this way and why am I starting my kid’s day this way!

I mean I am being completely raw with you guys my heart is hurt about how I was. This morning was rough like from the get go. Conrad was in a constant screaming tirade about well everything, he didn’t like the shirt I picked out, he didn’t want to poop, he didn’t want his diaper changed, he didn’t want to go to Lissa’s (daycare), he wanted to take his drawing board but it was too heavy, he wanted M&M’s (really kid), he didn’t want his coat zipped but he as cold, the list literally continues on and on. Charlot was trying to help but it just seemed that whatever she did just fired her brother up more.

Then I asked the fateful words are you good with the country steak at school for lunch, “I guess because you don’t have time to make lunch for me.” Cut me to the core. Now before I even hear this yes, she is old enough to pack her own lunch but this is kind of my thing I make homemade treats each week for her lunch box, I leave little notes I take pride in sending a piece of myself with her to school. More than anything it helps me with my mom guilt, selfish yes. Any way back on task here. I packed the lunch but probably not with the love and care I normally do. Why because I didn’t realize she wanted to pack her lunch, her brother was crying about his tanks not hooking up right, and frankly I was stressed.

I read those things all the time about a dirty kitchen means I have food to eat, laundry means I have clothes to wear, you know the things I’m talking about…and frankly yes, I know I am very blessed in my life. But at the same time just because I am aware of the blessing can I not be less than grateful from time to time? I think you can I think it is ok sometimes to need a moment, a pause a minute to not help anyone else to just breathe and be. I don’t really know what the intention of this post was other than I hope some mom out there is needing to hear she isn’t alone. That I fear each day that I am screwing up my kids and that I am not loving them enough but each night when they lay down I just try to remind myself that tomorrow is another day that I can try to be better. So here’s to tomorrow morning! Lord help me. No seriously I pray…a lot!  

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Sheet Pan Omelete

If you have read my blog for very long you may realize that I love meal planning and freezer foods. I especially LOVE a make ahead breakfast recipe and the fact that it is healthy makes it even better! I have been slowly tip toeing into the world of low carb, I am not fully going low carb just trying to cut some cruddy stuff from my diet. Plus eliminate some of the bread I intake, man I love bread. I was doing well at just eating eggs for breakfast, they were fast and easy that I could make at work. The only problem was that after a bit I was hungry, and when hungry I reach for the easiest available food. Usually not the greatest of choice…crackers they are kind of a drug for me too. Now you have learned how to take me out quickly offer me a bread basket laced with some Triscuits. 

Wow way off track, the point is the recipe was born to provide me with a heartier yet healthy breakfast. I had time to do some recipe testing earlier this week, the weather got yucky so I left work early grabbed my kids, built them a tent in the living room, and got to work. Man, alive I am excited how this turned out. YUM is all I must say. Plus, the fact that I now have a few weeks’ worth of breakfast in my freezer, makes me do a little booty shake. Well my booty isn’t exactly small but the shake I’m doing isn’t a big one oh gosh you guys totally don’t need to read these things. 
I love so much about this recipe I feel it is the perfect combination of veggies and meat but if you prefer to switch it up to suit your like feel free! 

Sheet Pan Omelet
12 Eggs 
½ cup Milk (we use whole in our home) 
1 Bell Pepper Diced
 1 Bunch of Broccoli Chopped
4 oz Fresh Mushrooms Chopped 
2 handfuls Baby Spinach Chopped (I know accurate measurement) 
4 Strips of Bacon Cooked and Crumbled 
½ Parmesan Cheese Shredded 
2 tsp Hot Sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste
Heat oven to 350 degrees. Line a sheet pan with aluminum foil, put bell pepper, broccoli and mushroom on the sheet pan. Roast in the oven for 15 minutes. While veggies roast crack eggs in a large bowl add milk, hot sauce, salt and pepper whisk until well combined. Once veggies come out of the oven allow them to cool for a few minutes and add to eggs, stir in spinach and cheese. Now spray the lined pan that you roasted the veggies on with cooking spray. Pour egg mixture on to pan and spread out top with bacon. Bake at 350 for another 15-20 minutes until eggs are set. Remove from oven and allow to cool prior to cutting. Once cool cut into 12 large squares. Freeze flat in Ziploc bags. To reheat thaw and warm for 30 to 45 seconds. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pepperoni pizza chicken sandwich

I missed blogging yesterday, not just the fact that I didn't blog but I truly missed the process of blogging it's kind of a therapy for me. Crazy I know, it's ok though I excepted that fate long ago. Speaking of's recipe is amazingly crazy easy!!! And yummy to boot! Do people still say that? To boot??? 

Oh yea back to the food. 

Sandwiches are a real love of mine, bread is life, but the real thing is I only love hot toasty cheesy sandwiches. I am not a fan at all of cold lunch meat sandwiches, my sister in law worked with me one summer and she brought cold sandwiches each day to this day I still have no idea how she did it. This particular sandwich checks all the boxes for me, toasty bread, gooey cheese, flavorful sauce, filling, easy and my kids eat it! 

Note this is not a recipe you make on school concert night. It's a tad messy. My mom always made my brothers or my favorite on concert nights well my fave happens to be spaghetti. To avoid the dropped noodle on the dress meltdown my mom would wrap a huge tea towel around my neck I always felt like the kings in the old cartoons with the giant napkin wrapped around them. Sorry I think I missed the point of my warning, these are messy, I let my kids eat with no shirt on, HA! 

Enjoy! Question what type of recipes would you guys like to see from me? 

6 Thin Sliced Chicken breasts (you can just slice 3 breast in half lengthwise)
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 Jar Marnaria Sauce
2 cups Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
6 Italian Rolls (or hotdog buns because obviously that's what I had) 
3 TBSP Butter

Season chicken breasts on each side with salt and pepper. Heat EVOO in a large skillet over medium heat brown chicken breasts on each side they do not have to be cooked through that will happen in the sauce. Once chicken is browned pour sauce over chicken breasts and allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes until chicken is cooked through. While chicken is cooking butter each roll and toast in a 350 degree oven. Just before serving top each chicken breast with some mozzarella cheese allow it to melt. Place each chicken breast on a bun. Pour on some extra sauce if you'd like! I serve these with a nice garden salad I mean life is all about balance. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Restaurant Review- The Ox Cafe and Bakery

 Last week while we were at the Royal, we took the opportunity to try out a newish (really new to us) place in the West Bottoms of KC. And by we I mean the hubs said on show day let's get some lunch I saw that Charlot's actual class was HOURS away, so I suggest we walk down the street to this place I had seen. The hubs was quite reluctant at the moment but eventually gave in. Oh goodness am I glad he did.

The Ox Cafe and Bakery is located inside of the historic Livestock Exchange Building and they are open each weekday for breakfast and lunch. The menu rotates seasonally and features some delicious sandwiches and salads as well as a daily special and soup of the day. The breakfast selection looked incredible as well. As amazing as the menu is the building and restaurant area are just so historic and beautiful. 

I like normal began eating prior to actually taking a picture of my food or anyone else's. I will shout this from the heavens the smoked turkey sandwich is most definitely in my top 5 sandwiches of all time! The apple, brie, and the dijon were perfect but what sat it off and I'm thinking what sets off all their sandwiches is the BREAD...all of their breads are made in house daily. Sweet lord it was good bread and not Keto friendly am I ashamed NOPE. Charlot's grilled cheese was amazing the bread was so soft yet toasted perfectly with several melty gooey cheeses, but the oregano aioli made it complete. I can still taste it. Now all I can vouch for on the hubs plate is that it was pretty and the pumpkin soup was very good (the small taste I got), because he didn't offer to share much. 

Truly though you can't have a great restaurant without a great staff and the Ox sure has one. Each person we encountered was so kind and warm as well as very knowledgeable of the menu and the history of the building. Charlot asked our waiter why the place was called the ox and he proceeded to tell her how important cattle trade was to Kansas City and how the city was the center of it for the whole country in addition he explained that the area behind the building used to be filled with cattle. The hubs and I knew most of his information but it was so sweet that he took the time to talk to our little girl. The coffees I ordered topped it all off! They were delicious and the barista took the time to show Charlot how it was made and show her exactly how to make the pretty designs on the top. Such a great experience. 

If you happen to be in that area of KC on the regular or if you just want to try something new out give the Ox Cafe and Bakery a try your won't be disappointed! 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

What's Truly Important

For any of you who know me and know the hubs very well you understand pretty quickly that I am the one who talks the most, ok all the time. Yes the hubs talks of course, if it is about farming or cattle or pigs he will talk to anyone anytime anywhere but in most settings he isn't going to say much, sometimes that is because most of what he has to say isn't exactly appropriate. I have developed a love for the inappropriate over the years. This leads to times when we are somewhere if he speaks up I usually try to listen up because he has something to say with thought and purpose.

One of these moments that stopped me in my tracks happened earlier this week as we were having a parent teacher conference with Charlot's teacher. The teacher and I were talking as normal and the hubs was listening, we were discussing her grades, completing her work, her scores on the Stanford test, how Charlot wanted to do show and tell and anything else we could discuss. When suddenly the hubs says, "All of these things are great but is she a good person, a good friend, is she kind?" I sat for a minute and listened as the teach assured us that yes she is all of those things that she tries her best to be kind to everyone. Maybe we are doing ok at this parenting thing.

Pretty soon the conference was over the hubs told us he had to get back to work and would see us later and Charlot and I headed out to pick up her brother. As I drove the hubs words just kept coming back into my head, is she a good person, a good friend, is she kind?. I just couldn't shake the fact that possibly I was focused on the wrong things, now hear me out yes grades and test scores are very VERY important, but is being kind not just as important. All my years of focusing on her grades never once had I asked the simple question he asked, and I know he didn't ask it to make me think, he wanted to make certain we weren't raising a jerk. He for sure didn't ask the question in hopes it would cause me to blog, LOL. But he asked because he cares.

So get to the point right? Maybe just maybe if we all focused a little more on being good people, being good friends, and being kind we would and could truly change the direction this world is headed. I guess next time you or I might see our kid not performing quite as well as we'd expect weather it be sport, showing, school, whatever remember that yes these things are very important but there is a bigger picture in life that we need to help paint as well.

Be good, be a good friend, and be kind.