Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The things she says part 1000 I think...

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I haven't included one of these posts in quite sometime and I have probably missed some hum dingers but I have a few of the Things Charlot says for you today! Oh and there a few from the Hubs included so that there is proof that I am not the cause of all the crazy in our home!
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I fixed cheeseburger sliders for supper one evening...granted I am aware that Charlot isn't a huge fan of burger in general I am trying to expand her horizons! She actually ate the burger without a ton of fuss so I thought I was getting somewhere. Until I heard this...

"Conrad your sister almost had a heart attack eating that!"

Well thank you very much I am so glad my meals provide bodily harm.

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We are heading out one morning for school and we discuss many things on our drive. This particular morning Conrad was on her mind.

"Momma Conrad is the cutest thing ever...well besides baby pigs"

I laugh really loud

"What they are really cute"

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One morning we are getting ready to head to school as I am helping her get out of truck to walk into the school I see her with her hand completely down her pants.

"Charlot what are you doing"

"WHAT I was just checking if I have underware on...felt like I didn't...but I did!"

Thank you Jesus and off to the bathroom we went to wash her hands

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My so amazing husband came in the kitchen one night after supper I'm assuming to give me a kiss and say thanks for dinner so as I am leaning over to accept my praise he says...

"This burp is going to be bad"

Me "Oh yea"

"Yea I just drank a beer than ate milk and cookies with's going to be BAD"

Me "Lovely"

"I knew you'd love that"

Yes I have managed to remain married to this man...
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So even though she isn't a burger lover if you hand her some garlic bread to go with spaghetti sauce she is all in. This occured one evening as I was trying to fill my plate.

"Shoo Shoo!!!"

What are you doing? As I see her waving her arms over her plate.

"I'm shooing this heat away from my spaghetti!"

I said nothing else and asked no more.
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This came from the hubs via a text message one night.

"Apparently our child likes pigs better than cows because of their poop"

Oh yea?

"She just said pig poop is more like my poop and cow poop well yuck it's like SLAW on PIZZA"

Say what?

"I'm just telling you what she said"

I can't look at those two foods the same again!
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Here's another hubs moment...

Sitting on the couch one night after the fall festival I pretty sure I was going to ask him something very thought provoking but then this happened.

Hubs...Do you ever... (before I could even finish my sentence)

"Envy the life of a Carnie Man...Yes all the time."

And we were done at that point.

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This last one tugs at my heart and makes me laugh all at the sametime.

Charlot and I were discussing Christmas last night and she was telling me all the people who were watching you to make sure you were being good.

"Well God, and Jesus, and Santa plus All those people up there" She points up...

Me-The people in heaven?

"Yes of course"

Me- Oh ok, so do you know anyone in heaven?

"Yea Papa Jones"

Me- Yes that true

"I wish he knew Conrad, I wish he could have held him"

Me- Me too sweetie me too

"I really liked papa Jones he was silly and he gave me Kisses at church" (the chocolate kind) "You know sometimes grandma Linda does that still"

Me- Yes she does

"But she hasn't lately...I'm going to need to check on that...what did the store run out of kisses!"

I just laughed and laughed

Just a little sliver of my everyday life. I love these memories and pray that other parents will still let my kid hang out with theirs.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Countdown

Now let me make is very clear I am not trying to start CHRISTMAS early! I love Thanksgiving! I just thought I would share with you guys a recap of the past two years lists of Charlot's RAOK. Typically it takes me a few weeks to get the list and all the supplies together to be able to start this with Charlot on December the 1st. I wanted to provide any parent out there plenty of time to start and I hope this will inspire some of you to try this out with your kiddos.

This has been one of the most rewarding traditions we have started with Charlot, she talks about it all year long. I pray this is a tradition she will look back on and feel great about.

Let me just give you the highlights prior to the lists. I also am including the links to each of my RAOK posts from the past two years! We typically put our tree up on Thanksgiving weekend and once the tree is up I string a garland and hang 25 envelopes on it for her to open. We start on November 30 presenting her with a letter reminding her why we do this (the content of the letter is below as well), then we open the first envelope and begin performing the acts the following day. Then each night after supper we open and envelope and read a Christmas or being a servent based scripture (I don't have a list sorry) and plan for the following day.

Please share with me your thoughts and any ideas you have I seriously look forward to this each and every year!


Tomorrow we will start the countdown to Christmas in our home. But this year and for years to come we won’t be focused on what Santa is bringing us we will be counting down the days to the celebration of Jesus’ birth. To prepare us and our hearts for this wonderful celebration we will be doing a random act of kindness each day. These will be simple acts that you can do with little help from momma and daddy.
Each night we will open an envelope that will reveal your act of kindness for the next day. Then you can help Mommy and Daddy get the needed things together for it. But the act of kindness will be your decision you will get to decide each day who will receive your random act.
No worries sweet Charlot Santa will still be visiting our house this year and if he sees you doing all these good deeds he will be extremely pleased. Because Santa Claus loves the generosity and good will we show to others because it reminds him of what God has given us His very special Son. And we know that Santa will be bringing you and many other children plenty of gifts because of the gift that God gave us. God so loved people that he gave them the most precious gift-his son Jesus. This is why Santa brings gifts and we give gifts at Christmas.
Please remember Jesus Christ is the real reason for the Christmas season. We are glad to join all others who bow down and worship Him, our Lord and God.

We love you so much,

Mommy and Daddy

2014 Links and List
Week 1 Recap

12/1- Tape Candy canes to the ATM
12/2- Pick a book out to give to a friend
12/3- Tape Money and a Note on the Soda Machine
12/4- Color a picture and mail it to someone
12/5- Purchase Hats and gloves for kids in need
 12/6- Pay for someone behind us in the drive-thru and have the cashier give them a note 
12/7- Hand out hugs and candy canes and church
12/8- Call someone just to say I love you
12/9- Pick out one of your toys to donate to the toy drive
12/10-Take treats to our four legged friends (the pigs)
12/11- Ding Dong Ditch someone leave them a box of Ding Dongs
12/12- Pack a homeless person snack kit, to keep in the car for when we see someone in need.
12/13-Ring Bells for the Salvation Army
12/14-Let someone go in front of us in line at a store while shopping. 
12/15- Pass out candy canes at the nursing home
12/16- Leave treats for the mail lady 
12/17- Leave Treats for the Mail Man
12/18-Take treats to the grocery store workers 
12/19- Package and deliver treats to my co-workers
12/20- Leave a note and treats telling someone their holiday decorations make us happy
12/21- Leave a gift card and a note on someone’s car
12/22-Take someone breakfast
12/23- Take Hot Cocoa to the Bell Ringers
12/24- Take someone a meal
12/25- Your Choice!!!

2015 Links and List

12/1- Tape Candy canes to the ATM
12/2- Color a picture for someone and send it to them
12/3- Pick one of your toys out to give to a child in need
12/4- Leave Treats for the Mail Carrier
12/5- Pay for someone behind us at the drive-thru have teller give them a card
 12/6- Give candy canes and hugs at church
12/7- Give a friend one of your books
12/8- Leave Money and a Note on a Soda Machine
12/9- Ding Dong Ditch someone-leave a box of Ding Dongs
12/10-Leave Treats for the Trashmen
12/11- Leave a note and treats telling someone their holiday decorations make us happy
12/12-Buy another family dessert at a restaurant 
12/13-Take Hot Cocoa To Bell Ringers
12/14-Take Candy Canes to the Nursing Home
12/15- Take treats to the grocery store workers
12/16- Bring Flowers to the Cooks at School
12/17- Call someone just to say I love you
12/18- Make a Meal Basket to leave for someone
12/19- Let someone go before us in line
12/20- Take treats to the pastor
12/21- Take treats to the bank
12/22-Take someone breakfast
12/23- Take a special treat to the pigs (Marshmallows)
12/24- Make a list of things you love about someone and give it to them
12/25- Your Choice!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

5 reflections

Our sweet little Conrad celebrated 5 months with us last week. And I had complete plans to post the following day and well kind of typical it didn't happen. In all seriousness this little boy has stolen my heart in exactly the same and such a different way as his big sister did. Everyone told me that  your heart will grow and you have room in there for another. I didn't really believe it but man oh man were they right. They were also correct about that the love for your other child grows as well. I am nearly brought to tears every single time I see the two of them together she loves him so much and he watches her every move!

I will say that the hubs and I hit the jackpot when it comes to good babies. Charlot was amazing she rarely fussed, played easily, was really happy, and loved sleep. We were worried that we were crazy to chance it again but man oh man did we get the world's happiest baby. Conrad is constantly smiling, talking and moving and shaking. I can't tell you how many people have said to me he is just the happiest baby. And truly he is. We are so bless and thankful. Happy 5 months Conrad thanks for joining in on our crazy.

I have been reflecting on this for quite sometime and I never really had the courage to put the words down but I need them off my heart and out of my head. You see late last month it had been a year since my papa passed away, something I still struggle with. I still cry, I still talk about him because I want Charlot to remember him and I want Conrad to know him, I still think about him all the time.

For those of you who don't know I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for several weeks to confirm my pregnancy last fall. Then my papa passed away and I was never able to tell him that I was expecting again. (When we told him about Charlot he nearly jumped out of his skin). Well lo and behold his funeral was held the day before my scheduled appointment. On Monday we laid him to rest and my heart broke and broke, then on Tuesday my prayers were answered and my heart soared I got to hear our babies heart beat for the first time. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

The bible says that the good Lord giveth and the Good Lord taketh away, and truly last October he did that for me. It was time for one of the most important men in my life to go home and in the same turn it was time for another important man to enter my life.  I truly see so much of papa in my sweet little Conrad. His sideways smile, his laugh and his desire to be heard (papa always needed to be heard). Some may think it is just me wanting to see it and maybe it is but for me it is his way of saying you did good and I'm ok.

Thanks papa for being the man you were and continue to be in my life I pray I can raise my children to be as full of love as you were. You created a Beautiful Family and Life. Love and Miss you ALWAYS

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What a fun fall weekend!

I have had the pictures uploaded for this post for several weeks now but just never really made the time to sit down and write the words out! HA! So now it is officially late like 11:30p.m. on Tuesday evening and I have finally completed all the tasks for the evening, supper, laundry (never ending), mixing up cookie dough, figuring out snack for 20 pre-k/kindergarten kiddos, creating a grass skirt (from a plastic table cloth) and continuing to handel this whole feeding my child from my body thing. Lord of mercy this has been a long day. So why not stay up a bit longer and actually complete a blog!
A few weekends ago my high school celebrated Homecoming and our little Miss had the honor of being asked to be the little princess. Charlot's swim teacher Reagan was the homecoming queen last year and she was so kind to ask our little one to do this with her.

Of course this honor required a few new outfits and a bucket full of candy to throw in the parade. She was so excited to ride in the parade then get to go on the field at half time of the game to help crown the new king and queen.

Standing in front of the high school gym where I played many many basketball games and where I hope to watch her and her brother play someday. This is after the parade she is hiding the bucket so I won't see that she threw very little candy out, she was saving it just in case.

It was pretty dang chilly the night of the game so Conrad thought Pap's lap was a pretty dang good place to be.

Then Aunt Lauren thought both children would provide an excellent source of body heat.

Such a good looking group. Reagan was so sweet and got Charlot her own little crown to wear for the night.

I think they are some pretty proud grandparents. The thing is we are just as proud to call them Pap and Grandma.

Pictures with Momma and Daddy we are so happy that God decided she was ours.

One last picture of our little princess.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nacho Soup!!!

I created this little pot of wonderfulness on a whim a few weeks ago on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Then I remade it last night because it was cold the the perfect evening for SOUP!!! This soup was born out of my necessity to number one use up some leftovers from taco night and two find a taco soup substitute. The hubs is not a fan of the traditional taco soup recipe that most love including me!
But then I started creating this soup with him in mind and the little bit in our house. I knew two things it needed to be soupy(lots of broth), the hubs isn't a huge fan of thick soups, and it needed to be cheesy to please Charlot. Who loves tacos and nachos...and is becoming a fast fan of this soup! Feel free to use leftover taco meat and leftover Spanish rice that is what I did the first time and it was perfect!

Nacho Soup

1/2 Lb hamburger (browned and drained)
1 packet taco season
1 can diced tomatoes (I use the Mexican flavored ones)
1 can corn
1 can green chillies
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 can Nacho cheese (found near the Velveeta)
1 box chicken Stock
1 cup cooked rice

In a large soup pot, mix Hamburger with taco seasoning and allow to heat through and seasoning to come together with meat. Add all remaining ingredients except rice, stir well to combine! Allow mixture to simmer for 30 minutes then stir in rice just before serving. Top with additional cheese or avocado that's what I like at least! Serve with corn chips!