Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Things She Says...Even More

This is my child she has easily gained the name the Mouth of the South! She fully believes that Bandaids are a fashion accessory, that pizza is lovely if there isn't too much sauce, and Speaking her mind any chance she gets. 

Here are a few of her most recent hum dingers-wow is all I have to say. 

This occurred one Saturday afternoon I was resting on the couch she was supposed to be resting/napping in her room. She comes into the living room and snuggles up next to me, probably to avoid me telling her to go get back in bed. She then in her sweetest voice possible says this. 
"Momma I'm so glad your having a baby!" 
"Well why is that Charlot?"
"I am going to teach it all kinds of things! Like that God is awesome and Jesus loves you and that you should be kind and honest with people."
"How sweet Charlot." (My heart is about to burst, until) 
"And I will teach it to NOT TOUCH SAMATHA!" (Samantha is her new American Girl Doll)

Well great the fights have already began. 

On the same afternoon, I could see a nap wasn't happening so I suggested she go tidy up her room. I especially wanted her to clean up her books and get them organized. 
She brings some books into the living room where I am tidying things up. She says...
"Momma can we give these to those kids that just don't have and much as me."
"Sure we can Charlot that is very nice"
"Where do you want me to put them"
"Oh just over there on the couch is fine"
I watch her walk over there then she just stands there for quite sometime.
"Charlot are you ok? If you don't want to give the books away it's not a problem."
"No! I'm just scratching my bottom!"

No more questions were asked, I did suggest she go wash her hands

If you don't want to read about my kid comparing me to a sow please stop here now! And I won't blame you for never reading my blog again. 

One day I was in the bathroom getting dressed and if you are like me once you became a mom your ability to go to the bathroom alone completely went away. Well of course before I can get my shirt on in barges Charlot. 
"Momma why are those so big" (well we have had this discussion before about my boobs)
"They just are Charlot, it kind of happens"
"Well are you going to feed the baby with them?"
"I hope so"
"Did you feed me with them?"
"Well kind of"
She just stares at me for a minute I am putting my shirt on by now. She picks my shirt up and looks a my tummy.
"Well why do you just have two, Daisy has lots you should have lots too."
"I'm your Momma not your sow"
"Well it's kind of the same" 

Thank you child your father compares me to cattle being sold at a sale barn and you expect me to nurse 10 pigs. 

Now this last one I had to include because it will provide some insight to what I am living with on a daily basis. 

In the mornings the hubs gets Charlot dressed while I get ready, he brushes her hair then turns her over to me to style the hair. The other morning I walk in to her room to fix her hair and I look at our kid and her socks are on the outside of the pants. Yes the outfit matches (I lay it out each morning) but she looks completely silly with these monster socks on the outside of the pants. I say..
"Hubs seriously I have told you when you are putting her skinny jeans on put her socks on before the pants, please"
This is his response...
"I put clean underwear on her this morning"
Hum isn't that something that should be done every morning I am thinking. About that time Charlot proceeds to show me with so much pride her underwear and says...
"Yea Momma he did but I already tooted in them, sorry!!!"
I just laughed, and prayed that my kid goes to school with clean underwear on everyday. 

Why yes this is my life and yes I thought it would be a good idea to add another child to this!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

French Puffs...My Style

So these little jewels are amazing...I needed to get that out of my system as much as I needed to get these out of my house. I have to think of the best interests of my thighs. I have been looking at this recipe for several years since I got my very first Pioneer Woman Cookbook, they always looked delish but kind of a pain. You see what kicked my butt into gear to make these is that since Christmas I have been hearing about how amazing these little cinnamon muffins the Hubs sister made were. I didn't get any and she told me that they were a recipe out of one of the PW cookbooks I gave her as a shower gift. I knew that it was these!!!

Well Saturday morning these were happening I was going to get them made. The hubs left to go feed hay and Charlot was still asleep I had the kitchen to myself I was set. the entire recipe was made I came to the part where you alternated 1 cup of milk mixing into the eggs mix with the dry ingredients. I open the fridge...and there it is a nearly empty gallon of milk. WHAT!!! I measured out what I had 1/2 cup seriously!!! Who leaves a 1/2 cup of milk in the gallon. Oh but I was determined, the store was not an option I was not waking my morning hating child. I texted my sister-in-law for a milk emergency. She was already gone for the morning...Checked with the Hubs still feeding hay but looking forward to breakfast, yikes...searched my fridge, no clue why. Then it came to me. I make Lemon Ricotta Cookies that are really light and fluffy! I added a 1/2 cup of the ricotta to the mixture and hoped for the best. 

Basically that was the most ridiculous way I could have gone about telling you guys that these are great and pain free to make! They will be my new go to for new momma's!!! 

For a link to the recipe head HERE

Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas Countdown Random Acts of Kindness...Recap...WAYYYY late.

I am very sorry for the lateness of this post apparently baby brain is striking hard. I have had this post ready since the day after Christmas and I was certain that I posted it...Well as you can see I didn't! Whoops! Please forgive me! 

Monday Day 13- We took Candy Canes to the local nursing home...this was an absolute treat! Charlot loved handing out the canes and the residents loved seeing her. So much fun I don't think that RAOK will ever leave the list.

Tuesday Day 15- The above picture is of her getting ready to deliver treats to our meat cutter at our local grocery store. He is always so very kind to us that we want him to know how much we appreciate him!

Wednesday Day 16- She brought a flower to the cooks at school.

Thursday Day 17- She got to choose someone to call just to say I love you! As we expected she called her grandma Linda they are quite the pair. 

Friday Day 18- We made a meal basket, with a meal she chose and took it to one of our neighbors. She even chose the recipient of this gift. It was so so much fun!
Saturday Day 19- We actually did two things, the first was we spent an hour volunteering for the Salvation Army and rang bells in front of Wal-mart. This has been a tradition my mom and I have had since I was a little girl and I am so glad we are keeping the tradition up. Then we went inside of Wal-mart to do a little shopping and Charlot's task was to choose someone to go in front of us in line. The guy she chose and his son were so kind and appreciative of her gesture. 

Sunday Day 20- We took this delicious Clementine Cranberry bread to our wonderful minister. Our church is so blessed to have such a kind man who is great with all people young and old. 

Monday Day 21- We took treats to the sweet ladies and gents that work at our local bank. They deserved this so much every time we are in there they make certain to give Charlot a sweet treat.

Tuesday Day 22- Her task for the day was to surprise someone with a yummy breakfast. Well Uncle Zach and Aunt Lauren were the lucky ones this year!

Wednesday Day 23- We couldn't forget our four legged friends. Nutkin and friends needed some special Christmas sweets as well.

Thursday Day 24- She was to make a list of things she loved about someone. Well she chose her Pap and man alive is this list interesting and awesome. I have to share a few things with you, "I love my Pap because he let's me take his socks off for him." "I love my Pap because he lives with Grandma." This list was so great that my parents framed it and hung it up in the kitchen. 

Friday Day 25- This was her choice. It was Christmas I wanted her to choose. She chose to give her cousin one of her favorite books because she just knew that Karstin would love it! 

I hope all of you have enjoyed following along in this little tradition with us. I pray it is something we will continue for years to come and that it will become a tradition my little one treasures. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Charlot's 5th Birthday...Frozen Party Time!!!

Oh this collage just about rips my heart out a picture on each of her birthday's. Wow oh wow what a young lady our little Charlot is becoming. When I asked her what kind of party she wanted this year she insisted that we have a FROZEN party! Then she proceeded to pretty much pick out everything she wanted for it including a beautiful princess cake. Well she was hopeful that her momma could make the cake beautiful!

Actually this party was pretty easy to plan considering that pretty much all the decorations just needed to be a shade of blue or white. But she sure had fun helping me set everything up for the party. This is the cake! I will say it isn't perfect but she LOVED it and it was quite tasty. Then I had to prepare chocolate cupcakes because seriously is it really a party without chocolate???

This was her favorite spot of the whole party because of the Olaf balloon. Below are the different snack foods we offered her guests each with it's own frozen name!
Ham and Cheese Roll-ups
White Cheddar Cheese Puffs
Party Mix

Our annual family birthday picture...I just love this tradition. I have to say I think we are a pretty great looking group!

She was ready to blow out the candles!

Present time! It was so sweet she asked all the kids at the party to come and help her because she wanted them to have fun too. A bit crazy for momma but hey she was happy!

Then on Tuesday when it was her actual birthday we had to have a special birthday supper complete with birthday treats! 

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Charlot! You make our world a better place each and everyday!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Break Fun...

I used to think that Christmas break was the most amazing thing ever as a kid then it became even better as a college student. But I will say that the best Christmas breaks I have ever had are since becoming a Mom. Spending two weeks with this little one with very few plans and lots of fun to be had is amazing. Thank you in advance for understanding the lack of blogs during this time. I really tried to focus on our family and living in the moment, so there are some events that I didn't take one picture! Whoops! 
First and foremost I must show you what the hubs completed the first weekend of Christmas break. Look at those gorgeous wood floors! Oh I am so happy I have never and will never understand why people put carpet over such beautiful craftsmanship! So thanks to the hubs for making me love our little house even more. 
Now on to the wild and crazy time we had over our two weeks off! Ha!

Our Aunt RaRa taught us the term deuces, and of course now we use it quite frequently. And on this night daddy needed to take a picture with her to send to RaRa.

Christmas Day was family filled and the above photo is the only one I have of the three of us. Yes Charlot go an American Girl Doll for Christmas. It was actually my doll when I was little so it is pretty special. 
After having Christmas at our house we headed out to my parents for brunch and gifts. It was such a nice and relaxing time just enjoying each other. And hum not a single picture did it take there!

Next stop was at the Hubs grandma's for Christmas with the family. This year they decided to have an ugly sweater contest, so fun. I actually brought a sweater to put on but once I saw my father-in-law I realized there was no point in trying he was taking home the crown.

That's a chair full of love and maybe a bit jealousy Charlot isn't a huge fan of sharing Christopher's attention.

After Christmas at Grandma Zella's we headed up the road to my in-laws to open presents. Lots of fun was had from a paper fight to throwing packing materials all over the living room to several fun filled games of twister.

I'm pretty sure Charlot decided twister was much easier to sit down and play by yourself.

There were many lunch dates with this lady.

Break even consisted of a few dates with this guy! Here we are celebrating my parents 40th wedding anniversary. My brother and I hosted a little dinner out for them. Such a nice night to honor our parents who have taught us so much about love, commitment and marriage.

We helped daddy feed and load cattle and yes if you look closely the hubs is sporting my headband! Ha! It was sleeting so hard it was pelting his ears a bit harder than he preferred.

A trip to the American Girl Store was needed as well. I think her Aunties got quite the education about American Girl while we were shopping that day.

It's quite possible that she conned someone into building Lincoln Log houses with her each and everyday.

The hubs introduced Charlot to the joys of lunch at the sale barn. I'm pretty sure she may never let him go by himself again.

And we closed it all out with our first litter of baby pigs. Man was she excited! 
I am so thankful for this time off these are memories we will cherish forever!!!