Wednesday, March 29, 2017

9 Months

This weekend a few dear friends reminded me that I have this little thing called a blog, HA! I have been the worst blogger I believe I have ever been recently! Let's hope I can get back into the groove. With that said Mr. Conrad is 9 MONTHS old (ok we are getting closer to 10 months at this point). I took these pictures on his 9 month birthday right before story and bedtime. He was acting pretty dang silly during them.

This month has been full of allergies aka snot, sneezing and wheezing for the poor little guy but he has been a trooper smiling through it all. Seriously he is one of the happiest kids I have ever been around he is constantly laughing and smiling. I can't imagine him being any other way. Currently we are weighing in at 18 lbs, and have nine teeth. His current words are Hi, Ott Oh, Dada.  Conrad is a lover of food, crawling, cruising around and getting into everything, sister, and last but certainly not least his momma. He loves me and stalks me like his prey, cute but sometimes I could use a moment. I will cherish it while I can!
 The above picture is how sweetly they play together Charlot absolutely loves her little brother except when he pulls hair or he touches Truman.
Then the sweet play ends when Sir Conrad goes into full on attack mode and just wants to be all over his sister. 

Oh Conrad we couldn't imagine life without make our days full of joy and honestly terror due to your lack of fear of anything. Please stay the happy, crazy, fun boy you are!

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