Thursday, June 8, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Conrad

Happiest of birthday's to my little buddy/momma's boy Mr. Conrad. I can hardly believe that it has been a year since we laid eyes on each other and frankly we haven't separated much since. You have taught me that my heart could double in size once again and that the love I have will grow more more each day. You have also taught me that Charlot was a cake walk you may cause me to have a heart attack one day with your fear of NOTHING! But seriously little guy I wouldn't have you any other way. Just look at your face you look at life like no other and see it then charge right through.

I sure am glad that the good Lord decided it was in my best interest to make me your mom. I have loved every minute of it I smile all the time for you buddy. As we grow together we are sure to fight and get frustrated but remember always that momma loves you no matter what and that you truly are a Gift to everyone around you.

On a side note check those pretty flowers out they are at my home yes that's right Charlot and I planted each and everyone! Pollinating season is coming so this is probably the best they will look all year!

   What else can I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONRAD, thanks for joining our crazy Daddy, Momma and Charlot love you so much! Now let's go spend your night watching your sister play softball.

I will post pictures from his Baseball party soon!

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