Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Yard Decor and Stone Crocks

I love to decorate my yard for the fall, it is my favorite time of year you know. I mean leaves, pumpkins, corn, mums, rich colors, sweatshirts, what is not to love. I do love to decorate for any occasion but fall seems to take the cake for me! Here are a few shots of our yard decor this year, the hubs would be proud if I pointed out the landscaping in the background. That has been a few year on going project that I would prefer to not discuss! But it does look nice. If you notice in my decorations I have a few stone crocks, I love stone crocks. They are so pretty. Did I ever share the picture of Charlot in a stone crock when she was born??? Well I'll add it below... oh my I just saw how tiny she is compared to now...tears. Not really well sort of, but she is a ton of fun now! I had to share a few pics of her and the Gabs as well.

What a little stinker! Oh and her partner in crime.
 Happy Monday everyone! I know that post was random, but so am i.

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